“The Smallness of this Island Earth” – Three Women Poets, Three Islands

Friday, June 2, 7:30-10:00 PM
5445 Rue de Gaspé, # 408, Mile End

Stone huts and fulmar bones; flotsam and tuckamore; salt-tossed rock and Gaelic Bibles; grykes, karst, crags, and limestone—words and images gleaned from the islands of St. Kilda, Inis Mór, and Newfoundland. Join Kelly Norah Drukker, Talya Rubin, and Robin Durnford for an evening of poetry and conversation as they explore aspects of the history, culture, and geography of the islands that inhabit their poetry collections Small Fires, Leaving the Island, and A Lovely Gutting. Facebook event

Entry is $5 and includes a refreshment and something to nibble. Places are limited to 25, so please reserve your spot by emailing: 

Thanks to AELAQ and Canada Council for the Arts for their support of this event.

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